How Building Implosions Work

When demolishing a building, you will need equipment to carry it out successfully. Demolishing company uses different methods to demolish a building, either the traditional one of the upgraded one. A five-story building is easy to demolish using the chain and ball method, but it will not work on a 20-story skyscraper. The preferred method to demolish a big building is the explosive demolition or implosion.  

Building Implosions 

When there are surrounding buildings, this is the safest method. Implosion means “imploding” the building down to the ground. In this article, we will show you how demolition companies in Myrtle Beach do this process.  

The Process 

The process is implosion is pretty easy to get. The basic thing is that the building’s support structure is removed through explosion so the upper part of the building will fall down below. If the upper section is heavy, it will have enough power to collide and destroy the lower sections. The explosives will serve as the trigger to bring the building down with the great help of gravity.  

The blaster team will put the explosives on different sections of the building so the support structure will fall down at multiple points. This is crucial, so everything should be planned and executed correctly. You will need just the right amount of explosives to collapse the building entirely. The crew will then be left with the demolished structure to cleanup.  

How does the blaster crew plan everything? They assess the blueprint of the building then map each the sections that need to be exploded. The blueprint will help them determine how the structure support of the building works. The crew will then inspect the building, taking down notes about each floor’s support structure. Once the raw data is gathered, the crew plans the demolition. The crew should have paste experiences with other buildings so they can decide what type of explosives to use, where to put them and how to time the detonations.  

It sounds easy right? The main challenge though, is to control in which way the building falls down. Tipping the building is like tree removal, you have to fall it over a safe place like an open area or parking lot. If the team wants to topple to the north, the explosives are put on the north side. The crew also secures some steel cables to support the building’s support columns.  

Another challenge is if the building is surrounded by other buildings. The crew will plan out how to blast the building so it can collapse straight down on its own. This method will require a skill that some of the companies only attempt. Every building in the world is unique and not everything can be blasted in the same manner. That’s why thorough assessment and planning is needed.  

To topple down the building straight on its own, the crew will set the explosives to detonate in the right order, so the towers can crash each other. The rubber will then be collected at the building’s center. Another way is to explode the columns at the center so the sides will fall inward.