Things You Should Know When Hiring a Photobooth Rental Service

Read Reviews 

It basically goes without saying that testimonials and reviews are a very good indicator of the reputation of a photo booth company. As a matter of fact, you would not book a reliable caterer without having to read a single review or feedback coming from a previous client. Even though hiring a photo booth service is not on your top priority list, reading reviews, comments and feedbacks from the previous client is actually very vital. You should check to see what clients have presented online, and Facebook is always a good starting point. If you want more reassurance, why not contact the previous client if you have the chance? 


What You Pay is What You Get 

When talking about photo booth service rentals, what you pay is what you get however, that does not necessarily mean that costly photo booths are better compared to the cheaper ones, or the other way around. What you do not want is the photo booth company which promised you everything, to arrive with a simple camera attached on a tripod. Of course, it really occurs in some cases. 

Photo booth services are not the same and when one company is costlier compared to the other, then there is a good reason why it is. Having said that, the better the features, quality and technology usually equates the greater price point. A reliable and quality photo booth service offers post tips, live galleries, filters, automatic camera tilting, facial recognition and that is before the guests get into the fun features such as mash up videos, multiple size printing, beautifully curated props, luxury backdrops as well as boomerangs and GIFs.  

Do not forget that personalization must also be taken into account when looking at the costs. When you like a photo booth service which can customize almost everything to fit your wedding or any event style, then you should expect to pay much more than the company that only offers the same old thing every time. 

Make it Yours 

When it comes to personalization or customization, the best photo booth rental services can really fit your experience. Whether that means matching your printouts on your event invites or making sure that your brand is center and front. Furthermore, you can also have personalized props, branded photo galleries and backdrops only created for you.  

Little Extras 

There are actually photo booth rental companies that are like flying with a cost airline. On the first look, the cost seems to be great however, the companies start to include all of those little extra and hidden fees. How about personalizing your own set up and print out as well as the price breakdown? Having said that, it turns out they are not included either, therefore, by the time you have completed, it is almost double the original cost. Establish exactly what every company offers and also, check for those hidden charges such as the price for additional guestbooks and prints and travel costs. For more tips, it’s highly recommended that you contact a professional Spokane photo booth rental service. 


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