6 Things to Know Before Buying a Garage Door 

Garage doors make the garage secured and safe. We need it to keep our stored items safe from thieves and robbers. So it’s important that we purchase the high-end garage doors which cannot be easily compromised. You can do this by researching more about garage. So here we go, the following are the things you should know about buying a garage door.  

Garage Door 

Beware of Wood Doors 

Wood garage doors are fantastic to look at especially if they’re new, however it will take maintenance so keep its condition fresh. Over time, the natural finishes will fade and it will need new coating. If you don’t do it before it totally fades, you’ll have to sand off all the finish and apply new coating again to make the door look fresh. However, if you really want the style that wood garage door brings, you can purchase the one with a faux wood-grain finish. It looks like real wood, with stability and durability of plastics.  

Upgrade Insulation 

Before you purchase a garage door with insulation, invest on upgrading the garage’s existing insulation. The effectiveness of a garage door when it comes to insulation is R-value. When you upgrade from 2-in polystyrene to Intellicore, the insulation value raised from R-9 to R-18. You would really save a lot of money from that.  

Buy a New Opener 

When the garage door is being installed, you should also invest in a new door opener and have it installed by the contractor. Your old door opener will fail overtime, so if it’s already aging or if you want an upgrade, you can have it replaced by professionals of garage door repair in Buford GA. Installing a new one together with the new door will save money, because you can negotiate a deal on both the opener and door.  

Invest on Beefier Springs 

The springs are your garage door’s components that help the door come down slowly or go up easily when you operate it. The most common spring used for garage door is the coiled torsion spring which has about 10,000 cycles. Sounds like a lot right? But if you always open and close your garage door daily, you will reach those cycles in about 4 years. Invest on beefier springs which have 20,000 cycles. It will save you more money from future spring repair or replacement.  

Choosing the Door Design 

You’re not going to spend more time guessing on the garage door design that looks good on your house. Manufacturers of the garage doors have software on their sites that will help you find the bests style for you. Just upload your garage’s photo. They will give you the style, design, features and colors that suit your garage. You can also choose the styles and match it with your garage until you find the one that you really like.  

Choose the Windows Wisely 

The windows are also important components of your garage; you might even surprise yourself how your garage looks with it. Aside from the style, windows will supply light to the tips. So when you choose one, make sure that the garage is updated to insulated glass. If you want more security and privacy, install the windows in the top panel.  


How Building Implosions Work

When demolishing a building, you will need equipment to carry it out successfully. Demolishing company uses different methods to demolish a building, either the traditional one of the upgraded one. A five-story building is easy to demolish using the chain and ball method, but it will not work on a 20-story skyscraper. The preferred method to demolish a big building is the explosive demolition or implosion.  

Building Implosions 

When there are surrounding buildings, this is the safest method. Implosion means “imploding” the building down to the ground. In this article, we will show you how demolition companies in Myrtle Beach do this process.  

The Process 

The process is implosion is pretty easy to get. The basic thing is that the building’s support structure is removed through explosion so the upper part of the building will fall down below. If the upper section is heavy, it will have enough power to collide and destroy the lower sections. The explosives will serve as the trigger to bring the building down with the great help of gravity.  

The blaster team will put the explosives on different sections of the building so the support structure will fall down at multiple points. This is crucial, so everything should be planned and executed correctly. You will need just the right amount of explosives to collapse the building entirely. The crew will then be left with the demolished structure to cleanup.  

How does the blaster crew plan everything? They assess the blueprint of the building then map each the sections that need to be exploded. The blueprint will help them determine how the structure support of the building works. The crew will then inspect the building, taking down notes about each floor’s support structure. Once the raw data is gathered, the crew plans the demolition. The crew should have paste experiences with other buildings so they can decide what type of explosives to use, where to put them and how to time the detonations.  

It sounds easy right? The main challenge though, is to control in which way the building falls down. Tipping the building is like tree removal, you have to fall it over a safe place like an open area or parking lot. If the team wants to topple to the north, the explosives are put on the north side. The crew also secures some steel cables to support the building’s support columns.  

Another challenge is if the building is surrounded by other buildings. The crew will plan out how to blast the building so it can collapse straight down on its own. This method will require a skill that some of the companies only attempt. Every building in the world is unique and not everything can be blasted in the same manner. That’s why thorough assessment and planning is needed.  

To topple down the building straight on its own, the crew will set the explosives to detonate in the right order, so the towers can crash each other. The rubber will then be collected at the building’s center. Another way is to explode the columns at the center so the sides will fall inward.  


DIY Air Conditioner Repair

Spending on ac repair by calling a professional would be very costly. Although, there will be times wherein the repair would be so grave that you would be obliged to call a professional to fix the problem. However, there are some small troubleshooting steps you may do before calling a professional. Sometimes, the problem is not as bad as you think and could be easily dealt. Usually, your aircon is not working due to the simplest of problems. It will be a pain to shell out a couple of hundred dollars just to have the repairman flip a switch, and the problem would go away in an instant. Here are some tips on checking your air con to check if you do need help from a professional. These tips would surely be able to help you save money on unnecessary calls to the repair company.

Air Conditioner Repair


The first thing to do and the most important thing to check is the breaker of the aircon. This is usually one of the most common causes as to why your aircon is not working as it should. One reason as to why the breaker would not be working is because it may have been tripped. If you have other appliances on the same breaker as the air conditioner, it may cause the breaker to trip and is the reason why the appliance is not working. This is the quickest check but will save you a lot of money by not calling a repair man.

The next thing to do would be to check the thermostat. If you air conditioning unit is battery operated then more often than not it would just need a change of batteries. The temperature of the aircon should be set below room temperature. The thermostat may be on fan mode which would make the aircon not give out cold air. All the settings regarding the temperature could be changed by using the thermostat.

Also, changing the filter of the aircon must be done regularly. If the filter is not properly maintained, then it would start accumulating dirt and dust that would lead to problems with the appliance in the future. Lack of air flow can also be the cause of why the aircon is not blowing cool air. Checking the filter should be done daily to keep the aircon in tip top shape.

If your unit runs on ice, then the ice should be melted. All ice in the unit should be melted, and one way to do this is by turning off the system and turning on the fan for it to melt or you can just turn off the unit and let the ice melt on its own. Also, give the air conditioner a good cleaning every once in awhile. Clean the outside, the blades, and check for any debris inside or near the unit. Be careful when cleaning this because the insides of an aircon are fragile and one wrong move and the part would break and would result in calling a repairer. These are some of the tips to help you better take care of your air conditioner and is a form of a DIY repair.